Philly Phun!

Shelter Island Pig Roast!

Today I didn’t have to use my AK… Today Was a Good Day

Chatting with a new friend, I remembered this great video… so reminiscent of my childhood.

Paris always on my mind

Tonight, I was finally able to catch up on my Gossip Girl episodes.  Although the show becomes more and more outlandish each season, I am still so obsessed.  It must be because of Paris.  I’m in complete awe of Serena’s “everyday” looks.  Just a little inspiration for my next trip.

Icon of the Day: Annie Hall

Moving into Fall, eyes are on menswear looks.   An oldie and super goodie, Annie Hall has been playing on IFC a lot lately.  I heart this movie!  Get inspired by Diane Keaton’s style with vests, pleated slacks, oversized mens shirts, and ties.

Fun on Fashion’s Night Out NY

Saying Au Revoir to Summer

Labor Day 2010

Choose your own destiny

When I was a child, I used to ask my grandmother about psychics and fortune tellers.  I was eager to learn what the future had in store for me.   She told me that it is never a good thing to see your own destiny and that you should live your life as it comes.  Funny, she never told me those psychics and fortune tellers were a money-burning load of crap.  Wise advice, nonetheless.   Looks like Britney may have also received similar advice from someone near to her.  Check out the message in her new commercial.


“All things end badly, or else they wouldn’t end.” Brian Flanagan, Cocktail, circa 1988

Lanvin Love

I love everyday distractions that up my productivity level.   Like online shopping on sites like and, which are a wonderful break from   Through all of the days of trolling, I have yet to run into one of my favourites, Lanvin. When are they going to have a sale??  I’d love a Lanvin cocktail dress for my next event.  Check out some notable red carpet looks that I have never forgotten.  And how could you with Natalie Portman wearing them?  Annoyingly perfect.